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Taxi tours usually are a solution for those tourists with short time and whom wish to sightsee just the most relevant places and those that generate more interest for them.

Customers must be aware that the driver is not a professional tour guide. Keeping that in mind, they might be a person that knows the city, it’s history and several interesting details. In other words, they can offer customers the version of a Barcelona citizen and provide some historical facts and dates along the way.

When we make a tour we always take into consideration what the customer wants to see and we avoid waisting time in places that they have already visited or are not interested in. It’s a completely interactive ride in which the driver guides and the customer decides.

The amount of places to visist depends on the requested time, with 4h being the minimum recomended when visiting Barcelona.

Touristic route in Barcelona with fixed rate!

Tourist route in Taxi Barcelona

In a visit to Barcelona we would visit give or take: Plaza Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia, la casa de Asia, la casa de les punxes, La Sagrada Familia, El barri de Gràcia, El parc guell, el Port Olímpic, la Barceloneta, el Born, el BarriGòtic, las Ramblas, la Plaza de España, las fontsmàgiques, el Palacio Nacional, el Poble Espanyol, l’anella olímpica, la Fundación Miró, el Castillo de Montjuic, el mirador de l’alcalde, Miramar. All of these places are a must see in our eyes, however we adapt to the customer desires. In that sense we can add spots like el Camp Nou if you enjoy soccer, suggest a pause if the customer is tired or saturated, even taking them to good restaurants.

On the other hand we also offer tours through intersting places near Barcelona like Sitges, the Penedés zone with guided visit to the Cavas of Codomiu, Colonia Güell y Montserrat. For this kind of visists it is necessary to dedicate at leats 6 hours.

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Tourist route in Taxi Barcelona


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